Surveillance Secure Addresses Campus Vulnerabilities & School Safety with Lockdown Solutions

According to one source, there were 23 incidents at US schools in 2018 where injuries or deaths occurred. Since the typical school year in the US is 180 days, that means an incident occurred approximately every eighth day of school throughout the year. You know your school needs to be prepared, and we want you […]

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Surveillance Secure Joins the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

We are excited to announce our membership to the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. It is a privilege to be joining an organization that supports the long term health and success of the county’s businesses. With their extensive working groups, events, and networking events, we look forward to being an active participant and supporting economic growth in the county […]

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Voice over IP versus Public Switch Telephone Network – The Advantages for Your Apartment Building Door Access Callbox System

Many traditional callbox systems that control entry to apartment or condominium complexes require a phone line, but understanding the advantages of VoIP versus a traditional ‘landline’ can save you money and give you added flexibility in managing your system. Voice over IP or VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol and combines the technology […]

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Victor Joins Surveillance Secure as New Director of IT

The leadership of Surveillance Secure understands the increasing importance placed by our clients on having their electronic security systems configured, networked and integrated with their IT infrastructure. To provide stronger support to meet this need, Surveillance Secure is pleased to announce the addition to our team of Victor Titarchuk, who will serve as our new […]

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