The Benefits of Networked Video and Audio Systems

Video surveillance is now a mainstay of the security industry for use in businesses as well as in schools and other public facilities. However, the idea of network video and audio systems is becoming more readily available, and the benefits when it comes to business efficiency and disaster or emergency preparedness are easily notable. Here […]

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Maryland Surveillance Video and Audio Recording Legal Regulations

Surveillance equipment can be very useful in both residential and commercial applications. Whether you want to use video or audio recording to protect your home or business, most states have laws in place that outline regulations for use the use of electronic recording devices. The regulations differ for every state and for whether audio or […]

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Surveillance Secure Launches Nationwide Commercial Security Franchise

Surveillance Secure is proud to announce the launch of their new nationwide franchise opportunity to serve the growing commercial electronic security market. For professionals looking to open their own security business, utilizing the established and proven brand, training, processes and marketing of Surveillance Secure, this franchise presents an attractive business opportunity to meet the needs […]

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Which Surveillance Cameras Are Best Suited for an Industrial or Manufacturing Facility?

A video surveillance system can play an important role not just in the security of an industrial or manufacturing facility but also in the safety of the workers. Surveillance cameras give you the ability to do everything from examining what went wrong following an industrial accident to potentially stopping one from happing in the first […]

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