Security Camera Repair vs. Replacement

Keeping your surveillance cameras updated and properly maintained is essential to preventing security issues and ensuring reliable performance. Whether you have analog or internet protocol (IP) cameras, there comes a time when every business that’s invested in their security needs to decide whether to repair or replace their equipment. Repairing or replacement isn’t a simple […]

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Addressing Coronavirus Concerns by Upgrading Access Control to Touchless Keypads

Access control systems all over the country today include telephone and touch keypad entry systems. While these methods maintain their effectiveness in securing your facility, they present particular concerns in light of the coronavirus. The coronavirus is spread through large droplets, and these droplets can land and stay on surfaces such as keypad and telephone […]

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Gunshot Detection Analytics Integrated With Surveillance Systems Shorten Response Times and Make Facilities Safer

Gunshot detection analytics incorporate software into your surveillance system that registers the sound of gunshots. Once the sound is detected, the information is analyzed by experts at our data center who verify the noise within seconds and dispatch emergency personnel to your site. Data from gunshot detection software helps facilities respond faster to incidents, but […]

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Virginia Surveillance Video and Audio Recording Legal Regulations

Whether you want video surveillance and audio recording systems in your home or business, you need to understand the legal regulations in the state you live in. Violating these laws may be constituted as a felony and you could be subject to both fines and imprisonment. Therefore, Surveillance Secure wanted to discuss some of the […]

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