Retailers & Restaurants Improve Operational Efficiency and Increase Revenue With Intelligent Video Analytics

Surveillance cameras provide businesses such as retailers and restaurants with the video they need to keep an eye on their operations. But what if your surveillance technology could make your business even more functional and efficient? With intelligent video analytics, your cameras do more than just monitor the premises. You can turn your surveillance system […]

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What Are the Benefits of License Plate Recognition for Parking Lot Management?

Video analytics such as license plate recognition can be seamlessly integrated with your existing surveillance system for added features and benefits. By scanning license plates as vehicles enter your parking lot and storing the information in a database, this software helps make managing your parking lots safer, easier, and more efficient. With license plate recognition […]

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How Video Analytics Dramatically Improve the Features and Functionality of Commercial Surveillance Camera Systems

Having a surveillance system in place for your commercial property has many benefits. For all types of industries today, going without electronic security isn’t an option. From having evidence for an incident to implementing proactive measures for safety, surveillance can be an invaluable tool for your organization. You can take your surveillance camera’s benefits one […]

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Cannabis security in Maryland

Helping Cannabis Operators Comply With Security and Surveillance Requirements

As the cannabis business continues to grow, so do security needs for cannabis operators. As a billion-dollar industry and rapidly growing, cannabis dispensaries must comply with state laws for operations. However, the majority of cannabis operators fall short of compliance for security and surveillance, neglecting to keep a close eye on inventory, something state law […]

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Tips for Designing a Church Security Camera System

Keeping your church or religious institution safe is of the utmost importance. You want to protect your staff, congregation, youth, and childcare division while anyone is on the property. Designing a church security camera system can be hugely beneficial to your community’s safety, but comes with its own challenges and considerations. The right surveillance technology […]

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