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Each commercial sector faces its own array of security threats, and that means you require professional-grade electronic security systems that are integrated, accessible, and modified to meet your company’s specific need. At Surveillance Secure, we understand that your organization’s security needs are unique and we have experience in helping companies in a wide range of different industries. Here are some of the sectors that we have successfully provided security solutions for and that we have discovered to have some of the most unique security challenges.


Not only do the doors of many medical facilities never close, but you also have to provide security in a way that doesn’t interfere with the satisfaction of sick and ailing patients. Additionally, you have diverse threats to protect your staff and patients against including abduction, violence, theft, emergency situations, and more.


Surveillance systems can both provide security and protection from theft but are also useful business tools. We offer solutions that include important business analytics with a wide range of applications, from settling customer disputes to arranging the store for the best customer flow.


The education sector now faces threats that were once unthinkable. Whether you run a private university or an elementary school, you need to protect the kids and your staff by means of technology that stays a step ahead of active shooters and other crisis situations.


Protecting government facilities is a necessity in the modern world of both foreign and domestic terrorism threats. From access control to surveillance analytics that can alert security to a developing situation, you need real-time solutions that prevent crises rather than merely helping you to determine what went wrong in the aftermath.

Religious Institutions

Once a place where security wasn’t even thought of, now you require some of the most complex surveillance solutions. You need to offer your parishioners a place where they can worship in peace without arriving to find the building vandalized or wondering if the stranger who entered the door is there to learn about God or to open fire.


From theft and violence to drug running and human trafficking, criminals will try to use ports and marinas for all sorts of illegal and underhanded activities. How can you protect your staff as well as the legitimate goods that pass through your port on a daily basis? Modern surveillance equipment plays a key role.

Retirement Homes

From missing items to reports of elder abuse, there are many security threats that are unique to retirement homes. How can you respect the privacy of elderly residents while also offering them the security they deserve in their golden years? Surveillance Secure can help you find the right solutions.


How can you protect your guests and citizens while your embassy is surrounded by foreign soil? Surveillance Secure offers solutions to protect your staff and guests from theft, vandalism, kidnapping, threats of violence, and other security issues that embassies face on a regular basis.

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