Embassy security measures are no simple task. From providing access control to video surveillance and customized solutions for embassy clients, we understand the need to remain in budget and practice the utmost sensitivity for government embassy security needs.

embassy security

We work with embassies to ensure the highest level of security providing expertise that only years of dedicated experience in the industry can provide.

We provide systems for both internal and external security and we can help implement access control systems and even offer video monitoring services by our security professionals. We work to enhance your security measures and provide 24/7/365 video surveillance solutions.

Let’s Overcome Your Challenges

At Surveillance Secure, we’ve been serving Washington, DC as well as national and international locations all over the world during our years in business. Due to our experience in the industry, we understand the challenges that you face daily when trying to enforce comprehensive embassy security solutions. We can help you manage your risks, protect your assets, and support your employees and clients with our security systems.

Our internal and external systems are designed to work in harsh environments, provide the clearest imaging, and allow you to access the system from anywhere you’d like. Your video surveillance systems allow you to freeze pictures, zoom in, and of course, have everything recorded in a secure location. We understand your needs, goals, and challenges, and we work with you to implement solutions that work.

Reduce Risk, Increase Protection

Our embassy experience enables us to be the best embassy security firm for your needs. We effectively help to reduce your risk for problems resulting from faulty security systems and increase the protection for everyone in and around your embassy.

Whether you have an existing security system you’d like us to help supplement or need an entirely new one, our professional team is here to assess your risk and come up with a plan to drastically reduce it. With the need for high-level internal and external security at embassies, you can’t afford to compromise on equipment that doesn’t deliver on what you need.

Trust a Local Team

Our trusted local team is here to support the needs of your embassy security measures from helping you choose your products to the installation to our extended support even after we’ve helped to get you set up. We’re always available to further ensure your embassy is protected and monitored at all times. Never have an unprotected area in your embassy again—with Surveillance Secure, we offer total protection 24/7/365, helping you to better do your job.

Learn more about how we can help implement high-level security solutions for embassies: 877-388-1248.