When you need to secure your cargo, boats, storage facility and equipment, you need to feel confident that your marina surveillance systems are airtight.

port security

With theft today being on the rise, you can’t afford not to have a surveillance system in place.

At Surveillance Secure, we can help you monitor and secure your cargo or marina to ensure you don’t get stuck with monetary loss when theft or damage occurs. Having your property and inventory monitored at all times ensures that you have proof for the insurance company or law enforcement should vandalism or theft happen.

Trust the Experts

Our marina surveillance systems are available to monitor everything and anything you need them to. Whether you need to monitor boats in storage, cargo, or port activity, we provide security solutions to ensure your property is never vulnerable again. Deter potential thieves with a 24-hour surveillance system and always be secure.

Our local business has been helping marinas and ports be protected and monitor activity throughout our years in business. Our insight and experience in marina surveillance systems can help you implement comprehensive security solutions that are customized to your needs.

We serve all areas in and around Maryland and Washington, DC and we work with clients all over the nation and even globally. We help ports and marinas to protect their equipment and boats, monitor activity, and prevent theft. While physical security has its advantages, thieves often aren’t deterred by security guards that can’t be everywhere at once in your port or marina.

Weatherproof and Mobile Solutions

With our surveillance systems, you’ll be able to see what’s going on from anywhere with an Internet connection. Is your site remote or in harsh conditions? We specialize in helping you install a system that can meet all your needs and be reliable no matter where you need security. Our mobile technology helps you be there without actually being there.

In remote sites, we provide marina surveillance systems that are able to be contained in one unit. From a Wi-Fi connection to storage, they’re self-sufficient. We know your cargo and equipment are sometimes stored in harsh outdoor environments close to the water. Our weatherproof and waterproof systems ensure that you can always see what’s going on in conditions when the weather would normally prevent you from doing so.

A Full-Service Company

We sell the systems you need, install them, network them, and fully support them even after the installation. We specialize in helping you find the best technology for your setup or incorporating new technology into your existing system. Our port security system integrators can help your site be monitored at all times in the harsh conditions that often come with ports, harbors, and marinas.

Contact us to discover more about our port and marina security solutions today: 877-388-1248.