Bluetooth Access Control

Bluetooth Access Control Systems to Simplify Building Security

Modern workforces are increasingly mobile-enabled, just about everyone has a mobile device with Bluetooth capabilities. Access control systems that enable mobile bluetooth devices to be used instead of traditional keyfobs, give you increased flexibility from both an end-user and a system management standpoint. Using a Bluetooth access control system saves you from needing to program and distribute keycards or key fobs, and employees or residents can use their own mobile devices to gain access to secure parts of the facility.

Simplify Security with Bluetooth Access Control

Many businesses now require that employees use their own devices rather than company-provided ones. Either way, you know that everyone has a Bluetooth enabled mobile device at their disposal. This makes it easy to implement a Bluetooth access control system.

The same is true at multi-residence facilities like apartment complexes and condo developments. From building access to the clubhouse, you can useBluetooth access control specialists DC MD VA Bluetooth access control to protect your residents and give them exclusive access to community amenities.

Bluetooth Access Control Systems from the Access Control Experts at Surveillance Secure

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