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Perimeter Control & Sensors to Discreetly Secure Your Facility

Perimeter control systems are a vital part of protecting high-value assets from security threats. However, the challenges have always been how to secure a perimeter from intruders while minimizing false alarms. The solution is using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to create invisible fence lines that can be guarded in a tamper-resistant manner.

How UWB Perimeter Control Sensors Stay Ahead of Criminals

Rather than relying on a direct line of sight, UWB perimeter control sensors can detect movement on the other side of a wall or even through a ceiling, sidewalk, or roadbed. This effective technology pinpoints motion and detects the mass and distance of the intruder. Therefore, you can reduce false alarms by having the system not respond to smaller intruders.

This eliminates the challenges that affect modern surveillance systems. Sufficient ambient lighting is unnecessary since the sensors don’t rely on light. Falling debris doesn’t set off the alarm. And the weather does not affect the system’s ability to search out intruders. You can also hide the sensors behind or in walls and ceilings or even under roadways, which makes it far more difficult to tamper with the system.

Perimeter Control Sensors for High-Risk Areas, Commercial Buildings, and Remote Facilities

Perimeter control sensors are vital at high-risk facilities such as nuclear plants, defense contractors, transportations center, and federal and state office building. High-value assets such as historic sites and museums can also benefit from the additional security.

Commercial facilities such as long-term airport parking lots, financial institutions, warehouses, and storage lots also require early detection to prevent loss or damage to property or goods.

Finally, remote facilities such as telephone substations, cell towers, pipeline pumping stations, seasonal facilities, and other sites that don’t have active personnel onsite can also benefit from having a perimeter control system in place.

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