Businesses Gain Actionable Intelligence & Real-time Notifications with Video Analytics

Transforming Your Security Video into Actionable Intelligence

The value of your video surveillance system can be significantly enhanced when, rather than merely recording what is going on so you can review it later, you can add a layer of real-time intelligence to your system with video analytics. Video analytics allow you to configure alerts and to insightful reports that can help you to optimize your business operations and prevent crisis situations before they fully develop.

Surveillance analytic software allows you to get real-time notifications of the events and actions that you pre-configure. You can proactively monitor your employees, facilities, customers and business operations. And video analytics can often be integrated into an upgrade of your current IP surveillance camera system.

Facial Recognition & Capture

Record the faces of people entering your facility and use them for later facial recognition, so your security team can be alerted to thieves, problem customers, and other potential threats as soon as they approach your building.

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition allows you to identify vehicles that belong on the property and those that require a watchful eye.

Gunshot Detection

Gunshot detection analytics recognizes gunshots from a diverse type of firearms, including handguns, shotguns, rifles and automatic rifles.

Traffic Analytics

Keep track of the flow of traffic to optimize ingress and egress and the need for additional signage. Detect traffic incidents instantly and receive an alert to improve response time. Observe controlled access roadways, transit hubs, bus lanes, and more.

Loitering and Suspicious Behavior

Automatically detect suspicious behavior and receive alerts that allow you to respond appropriately and in real-time when threat risks are elevated. Now you can enforce that No Loitering sign without needing eyes on the area at all times.

Character & Code Recognition

The perfect analytics for any shipyard or docking facility, character and code recognition can help you to identify cargo containers and cranes without the need for a special camera. This fully automated system helps streamline your operations.

POS Transaction Monitoring

Identify suspicious activity and easily search through all of your transactions.

Fire & Smoke Detection

Fire and smoke detection analytics can shorten response times and provide clients with early warning.

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