construction-site-405221_640Monitor your job site and employees from anywhere you are and prevent theft with our mobile security solution.

Keeping your mobile job site secure isn’t a job you would trust to just any security company. At Surveillance Secure, we understand that you need to have total access to see and monitor everything that’s going on at your job site, from the first day on the project to the cleaning up and final touches at the end. We can help install mobile and flexible surveillance solutions to secure and monitor your construction sites.

Protect Your Property, See Your Employees

Construction surveillance cameras do more than just allow you to see your site remotely. They help to protect the work you’ve invested in your job and the materials you have on-site. By ensuring that you have a mobile security unit to monitor the site at all times, you can help to protect what’s yours and keep your job site secure throughout the entire process.

Our mobile security solutions are designed to accommodate the harsh conditions at your site while allowing you to be present and monitor the job site from wherever you’re at. For the utmost convenience, our mobile security cameras are easy to install, move, and maintenance.

Prevent Theft and Have Evidence

You can help prevent theft at your job site with construction surveillance cameras. While a hired security guard can be beneficial, they come at an extra expense and often lack the response time and expertise to genuinely prevent theft and scare off trespassers.

Many times, a theft can be prevented simply by having a security camera on the premises. Knowing that their image is captured on camera and even seen in real-time on the property often deters any trespassers, therefore helping to secure your materials and assets. And in the event that something does happen, you’ll have solid evidence to provide proof for your insurance claim or to law enforcement thanks to our mobile surveillance systems.

Whether you need short-term or long-term surveillance on your site, we can help at Surveillance Secure. We help you choose the best solutions for your site and then even after the installation, continue to help you monitor and protect what’s yours.

Portable and Flexible

Having a protected, contained unit from the harsh environment of a construction site in addition to having that mobility and flexibility you need is how we help at Surveillance Secure. From monitoring employees to trespassers to simply checking on the progress at a site without actually having to go there, we can help you with the reliability you need in a mobile surveillance unit.

We know you’re on-the-go. That’s why you’ll be able to access your surveillance system monitoring from anywhere with an Internet connection. It’s that easy. You’ll be able to zoom, freeze still images, and more with our mobile security systems.

The Support You Need

Surveillance Secure can help you with any possible security you need for your construction surveillance cameras. From installation to networking and support, we’re here when you need us. Find out more about how we can help with your mobile job site or construction project at 877-388-1248.