highway-1277246_640Real-time tracking of any vehicle, anywhere, anytime. In addition to our GPS tracking system we provide monitoring, analytics, and support.

With comprehensive vehicle security from Surveillance Secure, you’ll never have to wonder what’s happening with your vehicle fleets again. From tracking a single vehicle to an entire fleet, we can help you have total monitoring capabilities over your company’s vehicles, both inside and out.

When choosing fleet vehicle security with us, you’ll have GPS tracking on every vehicle in addition to vehicle video systems. This means real-time tracking of any vehicle, anywhere, anytime. Have complete transparency into what your employees are doing, where they’re going, and even their speed or music volume.

Easy Reporting with GPS Tracking

With GPS fleet vehicle security tracking, you’ll get real-time updates about the speed and location of any vehicle in detailed reports, all in an easy-to-read dashboard. We’re mobile ready for you to get updates to your smartphone when one of your vehicles is not adhering to set speeds or making an unexpected detour.

With our easy reporting for you to see and access, you can get full driver reports, notifications about your drivers and your vehicles, and of course, complete support from us. We provide GPS tracking systems for your vehicle fleet and provide monitoring, analytics, and support. From helping you choose the products you need to the installation to supporting you throughout their use, choose GPS vehicle fleet security tracking with Surveillance Secure.

Vehicle Video Systems—Always On

Our vehicle video systems enable you to see both inside and outside any particular vehicle at any time, should you choose dual-lens cameras. Ever wonder exactly what your drivers are doing? Now you can see them in real-time with vehicle video systems.

Whether you’re looking to monitor employees or just their driving habits, we can help you discover the perfect solution for your fleet vehicle security. These car cameras can effectively monitor the driving methods of your employees and they include GPS speed monitoring.

Our products enable you to choose from the inside and outside views of dual-lens cameras to standard dash cams to even night recording. Our vehicle video systems allow you to have solid evidence should an accident happen or an insurance company dispute your claim.


Protect Your Assets

Your vehicles are an essential part of your business, so protect them with GPS tracking and dash cams. You can help to stop any unauthorized use, see exactly what’s going on inside, outside, and around all your vehicles, and hold your drivers to the same productivity standards on the road that you do in the office.

Our solutions help you to protect your assets and hold your employees accountable. From ensuring safety to monitoring your inventory every step of the way, we can help you increase your employees’ productivity, minimize risks, and have real-time data should an accident or incident occur.

Don’t have vehicle security yet? Looking to update your current GPS tracking and car cameras? We can help at Surveillance Secure. Give us a call to discover what we can do to secure your vehicle fleet and ensure the safety and productivity of your drivers: 877-388-1248.