Commercial Solutions

Surveillance Secure has the proven experience, leadership & technology to identify and deliver on the specific security requirements for your company. We partner with clients to ensure the optimal security solution.

Surveillance Secure is the reliable, proven security partner for the commercial sector in Virginia, D.C. and Maryland.

Whether your company has unique surveillance and access control requirements or is looking to integrate technology upgrades and analytics into an existing security system, we work with clients to save you time and money, deter criminal activity, and boost the operational productivity of your business.

From safeguarding life and property to improving sales floor traffic flow and limiting access to restricted areas, modern surveillance systems meet the ever-changing needs of businesses. We offer solutions that tick all the requirements of any type of building or facility, even those that operate in harsh environments or in areas where network access and power are in short supply.

Here are a few sectors where Surveillance Secure is experienced in meeting the needs of the commercial market:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Property Management Firms
  • Warehouse/Industrial Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Facilities/Hospitals
  • Parking Garages
  • HOAs
  • Bars/Nightclubs

What features do we offer that your business needs?

Design & Integration

Surveillance Secure focuses on the needs of your business so we can design & deliver the right technology.

System Integration & Networking

Surveillance Secure has the IT professionals to help configure and network your security system, and deliver operations in the cloud.

Security System Installation

Our experienced team provides professional on-site security camera and access control system installation.

Cloud Storage

Minimize hardware, reduce maintenance & save costs with cloud storage. Lock & unlock doors from a mobile device.

Networked Audio Solutions

Gain the ability to make live announcements, play background music, or have scheduled pre recorded announcements or bells all integrated into one money and time-saving system.

Harsh & Remote Environments

Our expertise covers security systems designed for industrial facilities, and locations with harsh weather or operating environments.

Vehicle Security Solutions

From real-time tracking of your fleet to vehicle analytics, vehicle security solutions help businesses with theft prevention and productivity.

Ongoing Service and Support

From changing out malfunctioning cameras within 24 hours to providing monthly equipment checks so cameras don’t fail in the first place, there are many perks for partnering with Surveillance Secure.

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