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We Don’t Just Install Security. Our Security Professionals Provide IT Support to Secure and Network Your Systems

Using surveillance cameras and access control systems to limit access to your commercial facility is one thing. Configuring your systems within your network, and designing them to be secure, is a different challenge faced by our clients, but Surveillance Secure meets this need with trained professionals in the IT field. Surveillance Secure simplifies the process of security risks, and by enabling remote troubleshooting, by having IT professionals on our security staff. We can also undertake an evaluation of existing security systems to ensure they meet clients’ IT and network security needs.

Protect Your Network – Protect Your Data

Hackers may have little to no reason to ever go after your company, but what about a disgruntled ex-employee? Having a secure security system can stop an opportunist from being able to steal or corrupt sensitive company data and intellectual property.

Our IT Professionals Help to Secure Your Security Technology

Surveillance Secure has the technology and installation experience to help you keep unwanted visitors off your property and out of sensitive areas. The IT professionals on our staff can work with your internal teams to ensure the technology we deliver is configured and networked correctly. Additionally, IT support is included as part of our ongoing service plans which enables remote firmware updates and more rapid response times to address any network issues.

Partner with Surveillance Secure for IT Security Solutions

If you are ready to work with a reliable and proven security partner to meet your commercial IT and network security needs, contact Surveillance Secure at 877-388-1248.

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