Networked Audio

Networked Audio Solutions for the Commercial Market

Integrating your audio solutions to your network can allow you to set sectors throughout the building for live, prerecorded, and automated functions. These audio solutions can allow you to provide alerts, warnings, safety information, and keep your production team on schedule.

Networked audio will give your operations smart capabilities to use in multiple situations:

  • Improve facility security – Configure event-triggered announcements and direct callouts.
  • Multi-zone communication – Make a live or scheduled announcement for just one zone, several, or all of them.
  • Single unit network speaker – Powerful network speakers do not require additional networking devices to be installed. Everything is integrated into the unit.
  • Recorded/scheduled announcements – Record announcements in advance and even have them played at prescheduled times throughout the day or week.
  • Background music – Use your speakers to play soothing or motivating music for your team. Announcements and alerts will override the music.
  • Scheduled bell sounds – Perfect for shift changes at a factory, class changes at a school, or any other number of applications.

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