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Surveillance Secure Provides Effective Security Solutions that Help Businesses Comply with Public Health Regulations

In the age of the Coronavirus, and for proactive planning for complying with future health crises, Surveillance Secure works actively with clients to identify ways that they can utilize their new or existing security technology investments in new ways to more effectively drive efforts to comply with public health regulations.

Our commercial security professionals partner with clients to develop a plan to either upgrade or expand their existing electronic security infrastructure, or propose new technology to enable them to accomplish their health compliance and monitoring goals.

Thermal Security Cameras

Advanced thermal security camera imaging can detect elevated body temperature. With public health concerns about the Coronavirus at an all-time high, these cameras can perform quick and effective body temperature scans to identify at-risk individuals for further screening.

Security Camera Video Analytics

Surveillance Secure security professionals provide clients with key video analytic capabilities that play a role in helping to protect the public and support prevention.

Video security analytics for public health regulations

Enforcement of Social Distancing

Video analytics can be configured to detect the increase or decrease of people in a predefined area, such as a lobby, waiting area or locations where employees potentially congregate. When businesses and organizations effectively utilize intelligent video surveillance, they can configure rule-based alerts to trigger notifications when certain pre-determined threshold quantities of people have been exceeded. In this way security personnel can be notified and directed to where their time and efforts are most needed, rather than having personnel permanently stationed at a location to physically watch activity, or continuously watching video feeds.

Verification of Whether Visitors are Wearing Masks 

Surveillance Secure provides high performance facial recognition readers that can additionally detect whether a visitor is or is not wearing a protective mask.

Mask wearing detection

Proactively Detect Mounting Traffic to Avoid Unnecessary Crowding

In order to avoid unnecessary crowding of customers, patients or employees, video analytics can proactively detect mounting traffic as it forms. Surveillance Secure can configure people counting alerts for tight hallways, entranceways and spaces, so our clients can monitor and identify potential crowding trends and react preventively and proactively to mitigate risks by sending personnel to redirect traffic. In this way crowds can be dispersed or redirected before becoming health or safety issues.

Manage Facility Cleaning and Maintenance with Trigger Notifications

Video analytic trigger alerts help our clients to maintain clean and safe facilities. Surveillance Secure clients can take a more proactive approach to building maintenance with configured count–based alerts for area entryways, kitchens, bathrooms and other sensitive areas. These alerts can trigger notifications for maintenance or cleaning crews when more than a certain number of people has entered or left the space.

Touchless Access Control Systems

Touchless access control technology for public health regulations

With health concerns over access control requiring physical touching, Surveillance Secure provides technology options for clients looking to upgrade or replace touchpad or ‘touch based’ access control systems, to a touchless option. Again many existing systems can be upgraded rather than replaced, with our technology encompassing access control based on:

  • Bluetooth: Phone based activation.
  • Biometric: Facial, retina and other personal characteristics.
  • Key-fob: Fobs, cards and other individual devices.

Automatic Door Openers 

Traditionally even with most touchless access systems, individuals still had to touch door handles. To address this Surveillance Secure can integrate automatic door openers with touchless access control systems, thus completely removing the need to touch any point of the system.

Surveillance Secure continues to partner with clients to develop solutions that utilize the right technology, and we are available to discuss your needs during this health crisis. We encourage you to contact our team today to learn about the right option to meet your security requirements.

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