Is a Video or Audio-Only Intercom System Right for Your Apartment Complex?

All apartment complexes need an intercom system, and choosing the right one for your property can enhance security and tenant satisfaction. 

You have a couple different options for an intercom system, including a video system that includes audio or audio-only. Each has its respective features and benefits that impact the security of your building and tenant safety.

So is it time to upgrade to a video system, or should you stick with an audio-only intercom? Here, we outline the capabilities of each system and why video may be your best option.

Audio-Only Technology: Requires Additional Surveillance

Audio-only technology enables visitors, delivery personnel, or maintenance to call into a specific apartment using a call box, allowing the tenant to speak to the person attempting entry.

The problem with these systems is that they don’t allow the tenant to visually verify the person’s identity, which creates a security issue. In addition, many audio intercoms aren’t able to notify a tenant if they are not home, so the tenant will not know if they missed someone.

Apartment building owners often need to supplement their audio intercoms with additional surveillance to ensure security, monitor those attempting entry, and investigate security incidents to assure tenant safety [1].

Video Intercom Systems: An All-in-One Solution

Video intercoms allow for both audio and video interaction between tenants and guests. The video lets the tenant verify the person’s identity or recognize a maintenance or delivery person in uniform.

Since video intercom systems automatically capture and store video, they negate the need for additional surveillance at entry points and allow building managers or security personnel to review footage for suspicious activity or incident investigation.

In addition, video intercom systems remotely notify tenants of a person attempting entry, meaning the tenant can grant or deny access to the apartment even when they are not home, which can be convenient for deliveries as well as guests [2].

Which One Is the Best Choice for Your Apartment Complex?

While an audio-only intercom can be less expensive than a video intercom in some cases—for example, if you don’t need cabling installed to set up the system—you will pay more for an additional camera for the entryway.

In addition, tenants expect to see a video intercom system at most apartment buildings. Lacking one could lower the value of the apartment or make tenants concerned for their safety, so the cost of installing a video intercom is often well worth it for the benefits landlords see.

Many video intercoms don’t require touch as well, which can further reduce the spread of germs from traditional audio systems that require touching a keypad [3].

For all the benefits and value they offer, video intercoms are a worthy upgrade for your apartment complex and your property’s security.

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