New Cabling and Camera Installation for Large Distribution Warehouse

When a distribution warehouse of a large regional chain of grocery stores needed video surveillance for their freezer space, they trusted Surveillance Secure with the job. The client required video surveillance and wireless internet access points installed in their warehouse-sized freezer space, which had a constant temperature of 0 degrees and fans blowing at -15 degrees.

The client selected Surveillance Secure because of their attention to detail and the relationship they had built with the client. The Surveillance Secure team installed six-inch strand multi-mode fiber cables from the new warehouse to their existing operations office, which was a three-story open-ceiling warehouse.

Surveillance Secure also installed new surveillance cameras inside and outside the warehouse space to provide operational integrity and workflow management for the client. Cable runs of over 600 feet from the operations office to a new 12U rack installation were also required, which housed new Cisco switches and power backup for the newly installed cameras.

With 15,000 feet of cable and hundreds of circle hooks, the technicians worked on the top of a three-story freezer running infrastructure cable for weeks, and in the freezer hanging access points. By the time the project was finished, cabling was successfully installed, 16 cameras had been connected through conduit both inside and outside, and the client successfully finished the second phase of their three-phase project.

Through working with this distribution warehouse, Surveillance Secure was able to cultivate a deeper understanding of the client’s needs and how they operate to deliver more practical solutions. As a result, the client has already asked the team back to take on their security and surveillance camera installation, including cabling and networking for speaker systems, at their supermarkets.

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