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Monitor your job or construction site and employees from anywhere you are and prevent theft with our mobile security video solution.

Keeping your mobile job site secure isn’t a job you would trust to just any security company. At Surveillance Secure, we understand that you need to have total access to see and monitor everything that’s going on at your job site, from the first day on the project to the cleaning up and final touches at the end. We can help install mobile and flexible surveillance solutions to secure and monitor your construction sites.

Protect Your Construction Project 24/7, See Your Employees & Protect Your Assets

Construction surveillance cameras do more than just allow you to see your site remotely. They help to protect the work you’ve invested in your job and the materials you have on-site. By ensuring that you have a mobile security unit to monitor the site at all times, you can help to protect what’s yours and keep your job site secure throughout the entire process.

Our mobile security solutions are designed to accommodate the harsh conditions at your site while allowing you to be present and monitor the job site from wherever you’re at. For the utmost convenience, our mobile security cameras are easy to install, move, and maintain.

“Leaving our construction site unmonitored wasn’t an option, but we were having trouble finding a system that met the extreme conditions of our site. Fortunately, Surveillance Secure came to the rescue. Their help has enabled us to keep our site safe and secure and our team has really enjoyed working with them.”

While hiring on-site security guards can be beneficial, they come at an extra expense and many times, a theft or vandalism can be deterred simply by having a visible security camera system on the premises.

Rapid Deployment Options: Portable and Flexible

Temporary solar powered surveillance systemsRapid Deployment surveillance systems from Surveillance Secure are specifically designed to provide durable, flexible and commercial-grade security video for temporary sites, rapidly-changing environments or for sites without power or permanent infrastructure, such as construction sites, concerts and outdoor events, natural disasters and remote locations.

Depending on the site, our weatherproof surveillance solutions can be hard-wired or solar powered, mobile or fixed, with cellular/5G and wireless access point connected solutions.

Pole Mounted & Solar Powered Surveillance Systems

Suitable for longer deployments in locations where a traditional security system set-up is unavailable. A better option for projects with fewer requirements to move the systems once installed. A retractable pole allows remote camera height control and adjustment. The system is solar powered.


Box Mounted Surveillance Systems

Box mounted camera systems are recommended whenever clients require cameras outdoors that can be installed on a wall or fixed structure where local on-site power is available.

Our weatherproof enclosures are built to keep the equipment protected from unwanted access and cool enough to operate long term in demanding outdoor environments, rain or shine.

Having a protected, portable and flexible security system allows you to cover and monitor different areas and equipment as your projects progress through different phases.

As a security manager of the project, you and your team will be able to access and monitor your surveillance system from anywhere with an Internet connection. It’s that easy. You’ll be able to zoom, freeze still images, and more with our mobile security systems.

The Support You Need

Surveillance Secure can help you with any possible security you need for your construction surveillance cameras. From installation to networking and support, we’re here when you need us. Find out more about how we can help with your mobile job site or construction project at 877-388-1248.

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