Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras provide reliable & affordable 24/7 detection for dark and low visibility areas, identifying images by heat radiating from any object, vehicle or person.

Identify Potential Fires or Heat Sources

Surveillance Secure offers a series of thermal imaging surveillance camera models which can be programmed to generate automatic alarms, defined by variables such as temperature limits or temperature ranges, which is vital to detect potential fire or heat sources.

Cost Effective Perimeter Solution

Only one thermal surveillance camera is required to protect a huge outdoor area without the need of any additional illumination. The combination of thermal, video sensor and intelligent software based motion detection are perfectly suited to cover wide perimeter ­situations efficiently without any secondary equipment like IR-conventional light or ­additional sensors even in complete darkness.

Ability to Monitor While Respecting Privacy

A thermal camera can guarantee perfect privacy in exclusive residence situations or in public areas. This privacy feature will help to increase the acceptance of video surveillance in public and sensitive ­environments like pool areas, hospitality or sport facilities.

A dual thermal camera system can ­automatically switch from thermal sensor to the optical sensor, producing visible high resolution­ video in the case a moving object was detected within a certain predefined area of interest or non-privacy zone. This unique feature combines two aspects, first to ensure the privacy aspect during standard video monitoring, but secondly­ gives full access to high resolution video in the case of relevant or critical events like motion.

Detection of Sources of Fire

Using thermal cameras makes it possible to detect even the smallest sources of fire. In this video example, it is a lit cigarette.

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