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Streamlined Video Surveillance and Access Control Solutions for Health Care Facilities

Health care facilities face some of the most unique and diverse security challenges of any sector. Surveillance Secure has the experience to meet those challenges successfully and protect your patients, staff, and facilities.

The Unique Challenges of Health Care Security

Health care facilities have to deal with an array of risks ranging from theft to violence and everything in between. For handling situations that involve lost or abducted children to emergency scenarios such as fire and other crises, you need to work with an experienced security provider who can offer your facility a custom video surveillance and access control system.

Surveillance Video Solutions for Medical Facilities

Our team understands when designed, installed and integrated with your existing network, there are many ways that a video surveillance system can protect your patients, staff, and the facility’s assets. You need to provide the highest care, the best security, and meet the privacy needs of patients. This calls for experienced health care security solutions, and that is exactly what Surveillance Secure offers to our clients.

Access Control Solutions for Hospitals & Health Care Facilities

Effective access control is crucial for hospitals & health care facilities that as part of their operating procedures have their doors open 24 hours a day to deal with medical emergencies. From the main and emergency room entrances to restricted areas within the building that have medications and sensitive equipment, there is a need for a wide range of access control systems. From keycards and biometrics to facial recognition software, Surveillance Secure can provide the solutions that your medical facility needs.

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