Video Monitoring FAQs

Video monitoring has an array of useful applications for both businesses and residential use. We’ve compiled a list of some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to video monitoring with Surveillance Secure.

What Can Video Monitoring Be Used for?

Video monitoring can be used for anything from monitoring all possible corners of an warehouse to keeping an eye on the parking areas at night.

What Types of Equipment Will I Need?

Surveillance Secure can help by assessing your security concerns. We work with all types of budgets and can help you select the equipment you need. First begin by choosing the camera, then the video storage, networking options, and more. By having a custom setup, your security system will function flawlessly for your needs.

Can Video Monitoring Be Done at Night?

Absolutely. If your needs include monitoring 24/7 in outdoor or remote locations, we can help you choose a night vision camera that transmits video with the best resolution and visibility for your budget.

How Is Recording Done?

There are numerous ways to record video when it comes to surveillance systems and your choice will depend upon your storage needs and your security setup. Some of your options include:

· Network Video Recorder (NVR). A NVR system allows the video to be encoded at the site and the data transmitted over a network to the NVR to be stored.

· Cloud recording. To prevent using up space on your computer, consider cloud storage. Access from anywhere with an Internet connection. You will need an outside service provider to store your video in the cloud.

Video monitoring solutions are an excellent way to be secure and in-the-know at all times. Let us help you customize your video monitoring solutions at Surveillance Secure: 877-388-1248.

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