Suspicious Behavior

Surveillance Analytics for Loitering and Suspicious Behavior Detection

Putting a ‘No Loitering’ sign in front of your commercial or multi-residential facility is a minor deterrent at best, unless you have a way to enforce it. Loitering and suspicious behavior detection can provide you with real-time views and analysis of what is going on. Now, you have the power to identify and stop suspicious activity before it escalates into an incident.

Real-time alerts let you know by SMS, email, or other communication means that someone is loitering where they are not supposed to be or are taking part in some other form of suspicious activity that you have the system identify. Instead of reviewing video recordings after-the-fact, you have the power to prevent incidents now.

Real-Time Analytics for Intelligent Detection with Fewer False Alarms

These are the intelligent features that you are looking for in a loitering detection system.

  • Intelligent tracking algorithm to catch people or vehicle while loitering
  • Greater detection and accuracy thanks to multiple loitering conditions
  • Reduced risk of false alarms due to time-based triggers
  • Flexible autoresponders such as sending live video and email alerts to your security team
  • The camera can be programmed to turn on lights or activate a loudspeaker to scare loiterers off
  • False alarm filters can be easily configured to disregard things like animals and swaying plants
  • Alarm overlays give you fast access to the location where the alarm has been triggered

Surveillance Secure Can Integrate Loitering and Suspicious Behavior Analytics into Your Security System

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