License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition for Safety, Identification, and Access Control

Whether you need to control access to certain lots, or you want to identify a specific vehicle to alert your security team or the authorities, license plate recognition software offers an effective flexible solution. From immediate responses to track how often and when a vehicle enters and exits a restricted area, license plate recognition has operational and security value for many facilities including:

  • Multi-residential facility parking lots
  • Airports
  • Government facilities
  • Parking garages
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial parking lots
  • School parking lots

Uses of License Plate Recognition Software

Here are some examples of the functional value of integrating license plate recognition software into your surveillance and analytics systems.

  • Improves advanced reaction capabilities – automatic alerts are based on license plate recognition and comparison with information from a list of allowed or restricted plate numbers
  • Third-party equipment integration – the software can be used along with automatic gates, barriers, and other devices
  • Remote real-time management and access to the archive
  • Integration with external databases, including prohibition/permission of pass and automatic notification of vehicles with a flagged license plate
  • Database synchronization and search for images, video, and information (time, date, the direction of vehicle pass, etc.)
  • High-quality recognition in varying light conditions
  • Fast adaptation to new license plate standards
  • Reliable integration with a wide array of video cameras
  • Effective solution for complex tasks ranging from car management within a parking facility to traffic control in cities and on highways

Surveillance Secure Can Integrate License Plate Recognition Software into Your Security System

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