Cloud Based Access Control with Openpath

Cloud-Based Access Control Systems for Modern Access Control

Cloud Based Access Control Systems with Openpath Improve Safety & Security While Making Remote System Access Easier than Ever

Openpath with Surveillance Secure offers smart, customizable full cloud-based access control solutions. Our commercial clients increasingly look to take advantage of cloud-based access control systems, without sacrificing security or compliance standards, as key-fobs can be copied and entrance badges shared or passed around. Access control systems are only as secure as their fundamentals, so Surveillance Secure offers Openpath as a comprehensive security ecosystem, addressing some of the most common challenges and complaints in the industry.

Key Security Features of OpenPath Access Control:

  • Wave to & Mobile Unlock – Doors can be unlocked with a wave of the hand, mobile phones and smartwatches. Additionally, devices can be used to gain access without having to remove them from bags or pockets, saving time.
  • Occupancy Tracking – Manage and set capability limits.
  • Legacy System Integrations – Openpath can be integrated with your existing or legacy systems, incorporating directory services, visitor management and communication platforms.
  • Remote Access – Unlock any door from any location.
  • Guest Passes – One-time entry keys can be texted to visitors, vendors or contractors.
  • Lock Down – Custom facility or entrance lockdowns can be activated anytime from anywhere.

Sleek Hardware and Secure Convenient Hands-Free, Mobile Entry

Openpath creates smart, customizable access control solutions. Sleek hardware and convenient hands-free, mobile entry enhances the user experience, while cloud-based enterprise software effortlessly scales to make remote system management easier than ever.

Smart devices can instantly improve our clients’ security profile by enabling multi-factor and/or biometric authentication, one-time passwords, employee location awareness, and immediately effective credential revocation.

Benefits of the Cloud

  • Cloud-Based Software – Manage all your sites and users from a single interface for real-time access control 24/7.
  • Virtual Security – The cloud is continuously upgraded and updated to protect against emerging threats. Local computers will often remain vulnerable and need time-consuming upgrades to various system software.
  • Less Hardware – All you’ll need are Openpath’s Smart Hub and Readers to get your system up and running.
  • Flexible Access Points & Credentials – Openpath has many ways in. Employees can be provided options to choose which secure key fits them best.

Surveillance Secure is a Certified OpenPath Partner

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