Traffic Analytics

Traffic Video Analytics for Statistical Information and Incident Detection

Traffic video analytics are an alternative to physical detectors on roadways for the purpose of real-time traffic statistics. From tracking flow to identifying road incidents as soon as they occur, this video analytics module is perfect for controlled access roadways and urban traffic management.

A key element of this traffic analytics system is that no hardware detectors are necessary on the road. As a result, there are fewer maintenance costs and no distraction for drivers. You also get more accurate and reliable reports.

Real-Time Traffic Analytics

What kind of robust statistical reports can you create using this traffic analytics module?

  • Real-time incident detection
  • Speed detection (alerts for slow or fast vehicles)
  • Directional analytics (detection of a vehicle driving the wrong way)
  • Detection of obstacles in the roadway
  • Detection of tailgating or stopped traffic (insufficient gaps in traffic)
  • Average roadway speeds
  • Vehicle counts
  • Density computations
  • Complex reaction management

Practical Uses of Real-time Traffic Analytics

There are many ways that traffic analytics can be used to help urban roadways, expressways, and controlled access lanes. For example:

  • Controlled access roadways – expressways, freeways, and other major roadways need monitoring to keep traffic flowing smoothly and to alert first-responders to incidents
  • Urban traffic monitoring and management – allowing you to respond to incidents in real-time and to update signage to direct vehicles away from heavy traffic areas
  • Transit hubs – plant entrances, airport access roads, and other enterprise driveways need to be kept clear
  • Bus lanes and other controlled access lanes – make sure bus lanes are only used by buses or carpool lanes are not being used by individuals

Surveillance Secure Can Integrate Traffic Analytics into Your Surveillance System

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