Access Control

Secure Your Facility with an Advanced Access Control System Designed by Surveillance Secure.

You need a flexible and secure system to efficiently control every point of access to your business, school or facility.

From entrances and exits to perimeter control systems and access to restricted areas inside of a building, Surveillance Secure can help you to regulate traffic flow. These access control systems are scalable so you can grow your business and have your system grow with you, and they are flexible enough to integrate with your existing security system.

Surveillance Secure offers experience and professionalism when it comes to serving the access control needs of diverse industries, including:

  • Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Multi-residential
  • Industrial
  • Senior care
  • Government

Here are some of the access control system elements we offer to facilities like yours.

Keycard & Key Fob Systems

Whether you need to restrict access at main and side entrances or you want to control access to certain parts of a facility, keycard and key fob systems offer a simple and effective solution.

Biometric Access Control

For added security, biometric access control uses fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scans and other biometric means to identify individuals who have the proper security access to pass through various checkpoints.

Perimeter Controls & Sensors

Video cameras, thermal cameras, and invisible fences are all key elements of a perimeter security system. Real-time alerts and mobile access to live video feeds keep you in control at all times.

Bluetooth Enabled Access Control

Bluetooth access control offers hands-free solutions to keep your facility secure without having to issues keycards or fobs. In modern times, just about everyone has a mobile device with Bluetooth technology that can be used for access control.

Electronic Gates & Parking Barriers

Professional design & installation of electronic gate & parking barrier systems for commercial, industrial & residential community projects.

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