24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Alarm & Video Monitoring for Real-Time Responsiveness

Having an alarm or video surveillance system for your business or school is a great deterrent against criminal activity, and it can give you the evidence you need to track down and prosecute anyone who commits a crime at your business. However, we know you also want to be able to respond in real-time in order to intercede before a situation escalates into a crime or some other form of crisis. 24/7 video monitoring from Surveillance Secure provides the ‘eyes-on’ piece of mind that our clients want and need.

Live, Professional Monitoring of Your Surveillance Video

No business owner or security manager can watch a live video feed or be on-call 24 hours a day. However, many companies also cannot afford to hire someone in-house just to watch a video feed in case of an emergency. Surveillance Secure offers an affordable alternative to stop thieves in their tracks and prevent employee misconduct.

Alarm Monitoring for Faster Response and Fewer False Alarms

When an alarm is triggered, having a monitoring service between you and the emergency services can avoid false alarms and encourage faster response times. Professional alarm monitoring services from Surveillance Secure help to prevent false alarms and ensure rapid response to issues that arise.

Partner with Surveillance Secure for 24/7 Alarm and Surveillance System Monitoring

If you are ready to work with a reliable and proven security partner to meet your commercial alarm and surveillance system monitoring needs, contact Surveillance Secure at 877-388-1248. Our security experts are ready to provide the solutions to meet your company’s unique 24/7 security monitoring requirements.

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