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Protecting Retirement Home Facilities, Providing Technology Systems to Ensure Security, Privacy & Accessibility

Video and access control security systems can help to monitor your retirement home facility and promote safety for both residents and your staff. We can help determine your facilities unique needs, customize your surveillance and access control system, and we offer continued support for ongoing needs.

Supplement Your Existing Security Policies with Professional Surveillance Technology

You employ the best staff, have strict regulations, and aim to keep everyone safe at your retirement facility. However, the fact remains that without a surveillance system, your facility simply isn’t as safe as it could be. With surveillance systems from Surveillance Secure, you can supplement your existing security policies to remain fully secure and ensure safety for everyone in the building.

We work with your budget and take the time to understand what your needs are and how we can provide the best solutions. With our surveillance systems, your staff and residents are able to feel confident that the facility is always being monitored to prevent unwanted activity or intrusions from occurring. With the elderly population consistently growing, offer your clients a comprehensive security system gives you a competitive edge.

Comprehensive Facility Access Control

We can help you incorporate a surveillance system to monitor entrances, exits, and even indoor activity areas to keep your residents safe and well-cared for. You may choose to implement security into your outdoor areas as well, to ensure that trespassers are stopped and that residents are not able to exit the building without the proper support they need. Protect your assets and yet give your residents the privacy and accessibility they need.

We install, network, and support these systems to protect your residents from wandering into dangerous or prohibited areas with access control systems. Keep your employees and your residents safe at all times, even from each other, by providing video evidence if a dispute should arise. Whether you choose to have your system monitored by employees during their shift or choose to outsource video surveillance services to us, we can help.

Video Monitoring with Surveillance Secure

Our video monitoring services further help to implement the security that’s offered with our custom surveillance systems. With our video monitoring services, a trained professional monitors your security system 24/7. If a problem arises or a potential safety threat is underway, our staff respond accordingly to the situation, giving your team the time to get residents to safety until medical or police support arrives.

Discover more about how we help you prioritize your retirement home security concerns and how we rise to meet your challenges by providing integrated solutions. Contact us today at 877-388-1248 to get started.

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