Surveillance Cameras & Access Control Systems for Schools, Universities, and Other Educational Facilities

Surveillance Secure delivers advanced security camera and access control systems for enhanced campus security.

Our extensive experience in enhancing school electronic security for educational clients includes Pre-School, K-12, community colleges and universities. We design systems to address the increasing demand for enhanced campus security and the well-being of students, faculty, administrators, and for the school facility and infrastructure.

School and law enforcement officials assert that surveillance cameras curb crime and are important sources of physical evidence when crimes do occur. Our experts can design and install a network of surveillance cameras to monitor your campus grounds and school buildings.

Access Control Designed for Educational Facilities & Campuses

Access control is an important element in school security systems. Making it more difficult for an unauthorized person to enter the school can be just the preventative measure your facility needs in order to protect the students and faculty. Facial recognition software can also allow security teams to respond to developing situations rapidly.

Surveillance Secure can propose security camera and school access control systems that are tailored to school budgets and provide the flexibility and online access that school administrators and campus security professionals require.

Video Analytics for Greater Campus Security and Shortened Response Times

Our networked security systems can integrate video analytic capabilities that can enable your security cameras to identify:

  • Gun shot detection
  • Suspicious behavior/Loitering
  • Fire & smoke detection
  • License plate reading/detection

Contact us today to discuss your surveillance camera, access control, and CCTV system needs. Be sure also to inquire about our new service offerings including facial recognition and object tracking software, remote video storage backup, IP surveillance video, access control systems, and our professional service plans.

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