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CCTV and Access Control System Installation and Repair Services in West Virginia

Commercial Security Systems for West Virginia

Effective security does more than deter criminals from entering your facility. It protects your merchandise from theft, your employees from physical safety threats, and keeps your company doing what it does best—delivering to customers.

At Surveillance Secure, we work with hospitals, schools, residential communities, and industrial buildings in West Virginia to ensure safety is always a priority whether or not you’ve experienced a previous threat.

Many commercial facilities present unique security challenges. With the skilled and insightful team at Surveillance Secure, we help you overcome those challenges to implement a complete security system that works for you.

Here’s how we can help support your commercial security needs in West Virginia.

Comprehensive West Virginia Security Camera Services

Surveillance video can not only help you better protect your commercial facility, but to also have evidence in the event of legal action or even if the insurance company denies your claim of theft or damages.

Going without surveillance cameras isn’t an option for many commercial businesses today. However, it can feel overwhelming to have to decide what surveillance network you need as well as the right products.

Surveillance Secure is here to help. We’re well-versed in the latest technology and can discuss the pros and cons of each with you. More importantly, we help you determine how specific features of certain technologies might better meet your requirements to create a wholly effective security system that meets your current needs and anticipates your future ones.

Access Control System Consulting and Installation

Whether your business is healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, assisted living, or government, access control is often the first line of defense for commercial facilities in West Virginia.

Surveillance Secure provides remote access and management capabilities to enable you to see your access points from anywhere with a wireless connection and respond appropriately to attempted or false entry.

We begin by helping you analyze your facility’s current access points that need to be secured. By monitoring traffic and determining how people access the facility, we work closely with you to decide on the best access control system to protect your business.

Surveillance Secure provides professional consulting and installation services for electronic access control in West Virginia to enhance protection of your assets, residents, and employees. We also provide biometric access control for facilities that require a higher level of protection.

Commercial Fleet GPS Monitoring

Monitoring commercial vehicles can be a challenge. Of course, GPS tracking helps ensure your shipments are making it to their correct locations and going the appropriate speed. But how can you address issues such as distracted driving or driver negligence behind the wheel?

Surveillance Secure gives you the ability to completely monitor your commercial vehicles in West Virginia. With cameras that see both outside and inside the vehicle, we allow you to see everything that happens.

With our easy reporting and notifications, you’ll also be made aware if your shipment is making an unexpected detour or if something has gone amiss.

Our team helps you choose the right products within your budget that make monitoring your company vehicles easy and cost-effective.

Meeting Your Commercial Security Needs in West Virginia

When you need to equip your industrial facility in West Virginia with the right security including cameras, access control, and commercial vehicle monitoring, Surveillance Secure is here to help. We can even integrate all your systems into an easy-to-use platform so that you don’t have separate systems requiring separate access points or support.

Contact our team at Surveillance Secure today at (877) 388-1248 to discover how we can help you secure your facility with the right tools, support, and expertise in West Virginia.

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