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Commercial Security Systems for Virginia

Since 2006, Surveillance Secure has been serving clients throughout Virginia with comprehensive security solutions.

The security needs of today’s commercial businesses are multi-faceted. What suits one organization won’t suit another, and while technology has certainly come a long way, you still need tried-and-true professionals to help you design your ideal surveillance setup.

Our team is proud to provide our commercial clients throughout Virginia with innovative yet affordable solutions that are tailored specifically to fit your needs.

No matter what goals you need to achieve through commercial surveillance, we feature the following services to ensure those objectives are met.

Virginia Surveillance Camera System Design and Installation

When determining the most effective surveillance camera system for your Virginia business, our professionals conduct a comprehensive security assessment of the facilities that need monitoring.

Certain factors affect your surveillance system, including the location of the devices and the lighting of the area needing surveillance. Our team considers every angle to help you choose the best locations for your cameras.

Understanding your goals and anticipating your future needs makes our design process essential. Working with new technology is great, but if you don’t have the expertise to back up and install these systems, you won’t be able to leverage everything these devices have to offer.

At Surveillance Secure, we not only design and install your surveillance systems, but we continue to support your security infrastructure for as long as you like.

Access Control System Design, Installation & Service in VA

Access control systems are an integral part of effective security. Through implementing access control via key fobs or even biometric access for facilities that need to maintain a higher level of security, you protect your assets and help keep employees and residents safe.

Our team at Surveillance Secure helps you discover what measures would be most effective for your particular business to design a system that works for you. We can also discuss integrating your access control system with your surveillance system to achieve a higher level of efficiency. Access control and digital surveillance solutions are often more effective and less expensive than hiring full-time security personnel to protect your facility, especially if hiring a security team round-the-clock isn’t in your budget.

We manage installation of your access control system and can continue to provide support to ensure your business in Virginia is only letting authorized users gain access at all times.

Virginia Commercial Vehicle Fleet GPS Tracking

Protecting your commercial vehicles with GPS tracking can ensure your cargo arrives safely, on time, and that employees aren’t risking company property.

Surveillance Secure provides real-time vehicle monitoring and tracking to commercial facilities in Virginia. We offer a wide variety of products to suit your specific needs including dual-lens cameras to see both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, dash cams, and even night recording options.

With our GPS tracking surveillance, you can not only monitor the speed and location of your company vehicles, but also monitor employee behavior to ensure people who represent your company aren’t putting others at risk on the road.

We offer the option for you to get updates to your phone or device regarding your fleet and present all information in an easy-to-read report for your reference.

Let’s Address Your Commercial Security Concerns

Surveillance Secure prides itself on implementing long-term solutions to protect your employees, your assets, and your place of business.

We work with all types of commercial clients in Virginia including industrial facilities, hospitals, residential communities, and other commercial buildings.

Our electronic security solutions enable you to fully address your security concerns, so let’s discuss yours today at (877) 388-1248.

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