QR Code Video Intercom

Simplify your building’s access control system with a simple QR code video intercom—no hardware or app downloads required.

Imagine being able to quickly direct your customers, residents, visitors, or contractors to the assistance they need when attempting entry to your facility. With a QR code video intercom, you can. Instead of assigning key fobs or having to install intercom system hardware, a QR code is all your visitors need for easy access.

Surveillance Secure installs QR code video intercoms from Teleportivity to provide cloud-based video concierge, security, and reception services. All people need to do is open the camera on their smartphone and point it at the QR code. A message will pop up, which people can click to be connected to assistance.

As the QR code video intercom is cloud-based and only requires a smartphone with a browser, people will not need to download and install an app, and there’s no additional hardware or wiring to install.

QR Code Access Control Washington DCThese virtual intercom solutions can be customized based on your facility’s specific requirements. So instead of connecting a person to a virtual receptionist or security, it can also connect them to a menu where they can select the service they need or the reason they are at the building so they can be connected to the right service or person.

Although QR code video intercoms can benefit a variety of facilities, they are particularly advantageous for buildings where vandalism or theft is a concern, as there is less hardware to install and therefore be subjected to damage. The system is simple, effective, and can provide a better experience to your building’s residents or visitors.

The best part is that the system does not require any additional method of access control, such as a keypad, key cards or fobs, or even an app-based system for entry. It’s one of the simplest access control options available to commercial and residential buildings.

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