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Commercial Security Systems for Maryland

Having effective electronic security systems is a crucial component for securing and monitoring for the majority of commercial businesses in Maryland today. Surveillance Secure has over a decade of experience implementing cutting-edge security solutions for businesses, governments and schools throughout Maryland, whether it for Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis, Frederick or Silver Spring. We know that selecting the right technology to address all of your commercial security needs can feel challenging, but we’re here to provide tailored, integrated systems that cover all your concerns.

We design and install surveillance video and access control systems, and our range of expertise, services, and products can help you better control expenses and create a safer environment for everyone.

Professional Security Camera Installation for Your Maryland Business

At Surveillance Secure, we design your security setup based on your specific facility and what your needs are. No two solutions will be the same—your commercial business in Maryland is unique and your security solutions need to be expertly tailored for you in order to be effective.

Our team helps you create and install an effective security system for each of your commercial locations. We develop a plan to check off every item on your list, whether you want to upgrade your camera system for your warehouse or have more visibility into patients’ rooms in your healthcare facility without infringing on privacy.

We also manage the installation of your new system and stick around to provide support and service. We’re a local and established business that’s been serving Maryland since 2006, so you know you can trust us to be there.

Helping You Choose the Right Access Control System

Although access control systems are adept at providing efficient security, one of their best features is that they deliver scalable solutions. If your Maryland company needs to expand or scale back, access control systems adapt with you to accommodate future security requirements.

Our team at Surveillance Secure has the ability to implement access control solutions for large-scale commercial buildings or smaller enterprises. We can design and install systems with key fobs or keycards, or, if you need something more exclusive, we have the technology to provide biometric access with fingerprint, handprint, facial, or retina identification.

During the design phase, we’ll review all your concerns to be sure we can address all of your access needs with your new system.

Leveraging the Benefits of GPS Monitoring for Maryland Fleet Vehicles

When you have commercial vehicles, you’re not only responsible for the vehicle fleets that your name is on, but the way your employees behave on the road reflects directly on your business.

With GPS monitoring and tracking, you can keep close eye on your employees when they’re in company property and representing your business to customers.

You not only want to present your best face to customers, you want to protect your assets as well. Surveillance Secure offers a range of products for you to monitor your commercial vehicles both inside and out.

In addition to having concrete evidence for insurance claims or potential lawsuits, you can get detailed reports with driver data with GPS monitoring. You’ll also have the option to get updates to your smartphone or device regarding your vehicles as you like.

Need Security in Maryland?

When you need to secure your industrial facility, hospital, school, or commercial business in Maryland, Surveillance Secure is your partner in professional electonic security solutions.

In addition to providing innovative technology for all your surveillance needs, we deliver expert support to ensure your peace of mind around the clock.

Call us today at (877) 388-1248 to schedule a consultation for your commercial business in Maryland!

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