POS Transaction Monitoring

POS Transaction Monitoring for Fraud Detection and Customer Protection

Point of Sale transaction monitoring can help business owners and general managers to identify the source of discrepancies, watch corresponding video and easily search through your transaction data. With POS transaction monitoring, the analytic data delivers clear insights and actionable detail for a tailored and effective loss prevention strategy for your business. Having the ability to conduct quick investigations with associated video, incident reporting and remote access puts the control over loss prevention security in the hands of business owners, managers and loss prevention professionals.

How POS Transaction Monitoring Helps Retail Loss Prevention

POS transaction monitoring allows you to hold all of your employees to the same standard whether you are present or not. When a dispute occurs, you can protect your employee or customer who is in the right by reviewing the video feed. Analytics also allow you to receive real-time alerts when suspicious activity is occurring at a point of sale, even if you can’t have someone monitoring the system at all times.

This is an invaluable security and customer service tool that can stop employee theft, solve customer disputes, and protect your staff from a dishonest customer. Your customers get the service and accuracy they deserve, and your staff is both held accountable for errors and protected from deception at the same time.

Surveillance Secure Can Integrate POS Transaction Monitoring into Your Existing Security Camera System

If you are considering POS transaction monitoring to help monitor the associated activity of your business, customers and employees, contact Surveillance Secure today at 1.877.388.1248. We can provide a standalone surveillance system or integrate POS transaction monitoring into your existing security system to enhance your store’s safety and operations.

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