Body Worn Cameras

Record evidence, deter criminal activity, and help people feel safer with compact and easy-to-use body worn cameras from Surveillance Secure.

Body worn cameras capture invaluable evidence, including both video and audio, for police officers, corrections officers, security guards, and even professionals in industries such as retail and public transportation.

These cameras from AXIS are easy to wear, easy to use, and can be directly managed with a video or evidence management system. Whether you want to store video footage in the cloud or on-site, body worn cameras provide streamlined solutions for modern on-site security.

Features of Body Worn Camera Technology

With superior image and audio quality that can be used in a court of law, body worn cameras can protect both the people wearing them and the public. In fact, body worn cameras can support people confidently doing their jobs while resulting in fewer incidents and complaints.

Body worn camera technology works in a few key ways to protect personnel, the public, and document evidence:

  1. People are more motivated to respect law enforcement and feel less threatened when officers are wearing body worn cameras, which can result in more positive behavior for both the person wearing the camera and the person being recorded.

  2. Body worn cameras can reduce criminal activity, as people are more likely to abide by the law when they know they are being recorded.

  3. The audio and video captured on body worn cameras can be used for training purposes featuring real-life incidents.

Since body worn cameras record evidence from the perspective of the person wearing the camera, these surveillance devices are invaluable tools when investigating incidents and the behavior of both parties.

Body worn camera solutions from Surveillance Secure also feature:

  • Dual microphones to help suppress background noise
  • Operation for more than 12 hours when fully charged
  • Access to a free mobile app through AXIS

Can Body Worn Cameras Support Your Surveillance Goals?

As surveillance becomes an increasingly vital part of safety and accountability in all industries, body worn cameras are an instrumental tool for those working in the field when documenting evidence and reviewing incidents. Contact Surveillance Secure today to discover if body worn camera technology is right for your applications at (877) 388-1248!

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