Surveillance Secure Provides Technology Alternatives to Address Chinese Surveillance Camera Vulnerabilities and Security Issues

In August 2018, the United States Government gave government agencies one year to get rid of certain brands of Chinese-made surveillance cameras they had in operation. However, as of the deadline in August 2019, an estimated thousands of these cameras are still in use in government agencies. Many agencies aren’t aware what devices they’re using […]

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The Superiority of Smartphones Over Key Fobs for Bluetooth Enabled Access Control Systems

If you are using a Bluetooth access control system, you may be able to receive benefits from replacing an existing key fob system with one that utilizes smartphones. Here are a few of the reasons that the change may make a big difference for your security. Reduce Key Fob Replacement Costs Whether you are currently […]

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Understanding How POS Transaction Monitoring Helps Retail Loss Prevention

Loss, shrinkage, theft – whatever your retail business decides to call it, stealing can really eat into your profits. How can you put a POS transaction monitoring system to good use so that you can reduce loss and maximize your store’s profitability? Here are a few things that you should know.  Recorded Video Gives You […]

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Effective Temporary & Self-Contained Security Technology for Mobile Sites and Events

With the rising security needs of commercial businesses today, it makes sense that the need for surveillance technology extends into mobile sites. Temporary and self-contained security for mobile sites can be effective at deterring crime, monitoring the perimeters of a site or event, and keeping both employees and attendees safe.  Mobile surveillance utilizes solar-powered solutions […]

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