How Video Analytics Can Provide a POS Monitoring System to Minimize Fraud and Chargebacks

Fraudulent activity at the register costs businesses billions of dollars annually. With the risk of fraud, theft, and chargebacks, it’s essential for your store to have a proactive protection system in place to reduce your losses and improve security. Most companies already have surveillance established for their retail locations, which makes it easier to integrate […]

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How Monitoring and Detection With Traffic Video Analytics Delivers Safer Roads

Video analytics are becoming an integral part of surveillance systems, particularly for roadways. In the past, systems collected data for people to review incidents after the fact, which can certainly be helpful. However, contemporary analytics allow for real-time results and response for operators. With automatic incident detection (AID) and traffic data collection, traffic video analytics […]

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Do I Need to Replace My Surveillance Cameras With NDAA Compliant Cameras?

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) bans the use of specific technology brands and surveillance equipment that contains components of these brands for federal agencies. If you are a federal agency, you are required to abide by the act, which prevents you from procuring or even doing business with contractors who use banned equipment. Even […]

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3 Tips for Businesses When Developing Their Surveillance Camera System Plan

Surveillance cameras are an essential technology for businesses in all industries. However, when it comes to developing the best surveillance camera system for your particular company, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. Contemporary video surveillance has become a tool businesses can use to prevent crime, track patterns, and improve safety and […]

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How Governments Can Deploy Cameras and Audio Detection to Curb Noise Pollution

Technology and its applications are constantly adapting, especially when it comes to audio and video surveillance. For example, governments are starting to use cameras and audio to detect excessive noise and issue citations to people or vehicles violating local laws.  Since intelligent video analytics allow agencies to analyze video in real-time and identify activities such […]

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