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How Access Control Systems Are Utilizing Authentication Technologies Post-COVID-19

To say the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world is an understatement. Mask wearing is commonplace and necessary, but it also makes things difficult for security and facial recognition.  Access control used to be all about keeping certain people from gaining access to a facility. Now it is often about making sure that you don’t […]

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How Businesses Benefit From Integrating Facial Recognition With Access Control

Facial recognition technology undoubtedly has its benefits when it comes to enhancing your surveillance system. But facial recognition analytics can also play an instrumental role in your facility’s access control measures, especially when it comes to touchless access control solutions. Here’s how businesses can benefit from integrating facial recognition technology with their access control to […]

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Retailers & Restaurants Improve Operational Efficiency and Increase Revenue With Intelligent Video Analytics

Surveillance cameras provide businesses such as retailers and restaurants with the video they need to keep an eye on their operations. But what if your surveillance technology could make your business even more functional and efficient? With intelligent video analytics, your cameras do more than just monitor the premises. You can turn your surveillance system […]

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What Are the Benefits of License Plate Recognition for Parking Lot Management?

Video analytics such as license plate recognition can be seamlessly integrated with your existing surveillance system for added features and benefits. By scanning license plates as vehicles enter your parking lot and storing the information in a database, this software helps make managing your parking lots safer, easier, and more efficient. With license plate recognition […]

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