Is a Video or Audio-Only Intercom System Right for Your Apartment Complex?

All apartment complexes need an intercom system, and choosing the right one for your property can enhance security and tenant satisfaction.  You have a couple different options for an intercom system, including a video system that includes audio or audio-only. Each has its respective features and benefits that impact the security of your building and […]

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How Video Analytics Enables Retailers to Increase Operational Efficiency

Intelligent video analytics have changed the way businesses secure their premises and monitor activity, including retail stores.  Surveillance cameras are no longer simply used to investigate incidents such as theft or vandalism. Instead, retailers can now use their surveillance video to collect data in real-time, search for specific criteria, and make meaningful changes to their […]

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Additional Benefits of Video Analytics for University Campus Surveillance Systems

Security is essential for college campuses, where students, staff, and visitors come and go, making security challenging. With a large number of people and different areas, such as dorms, classrooms, stadiums, shops, and eating areas, campus security demands sophisticated surveillance solutions. With intelligent video analytics, campus security doesn’t have to be complicated. Analytics go beyond […]

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What to Consider When Selecting an Intercom System for Apartment Buildings

Intercom systems for apartment buildings are a fundamental part of what keeps access safe and convenient for residents. As such, it’s imperative to have an intercom that meets your property’s needs. Apartment buildings pose security challenges because it’s not just tenants who come and go—delivery personnel, maintenance contractors, and guests enter and exit the property, […]

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Security Solutions for Preventing Unauthorized Access at a Construction Site

Construction sites are targeted areas for theft because they typically contain valuable materials and equipment, which results in significant losses for construction companies. These sites tend to be challenging to secure because they are constantly changing and can be located in areas that are convenient for people to access. Construction site security has become even […]

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