What to Consider When Selecting an Intercom System for Apartment Buildings

Intercom systems for apartment buildings are a fundamental part of what keeps access safe and convenient for residents. As such, it’s imperative to have an intercom that meets your property’s needs. Apartment buildings pose security challenges because it’s not just tenants who come and go—delivery personnel, maintenance contractors, and guests enter and exit the property, […]

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Security Solutions for Preventing Unauthorized Access at a Construction Site

Construction sites are targeted areas for theft because they typically contain valuable materials and equipment, which results in significant losses for construction companies. These sites tend to be challenging to secure because they are constantly changing and can be located in areas that are convenient for people to access. Construction site security has become even […]

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Security Solutions to Consider for Apartment Buildings

Security can be particularly challenging for residential buildings, especially because tenants, guests, contractors, and delivery personnel come and go throughout the day. As such, securing multi-family buildings is essential to protect residents, guests, and your property to reduce liability and increase safety. In addition, apartment buildings typically have multiple areas to monitor and secure, so […]

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West Virginia Video and Audio Recording Legal Regulations

It’s essential to understand audio and video recording law when conducting surveillance in your state. Most states have some type of wiretapping and video recording regulations in place, and West Virginia is no exception. Before conducting surveillance for your residential or commercial purposes, here’s what you need to know about West Virginia’s audio and video […]

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Potential Challenges During Installation of a Video Surveillance System

Installing a video surveillance system requires proper equipment selection, planning, and execution. However, as with any installation, there are challenges that can arise even with the most well-planned processes. Whether you are having a brand-new video surveillance system installed or are updating your existing network, it’s important to be aware of common challenges during the […]

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