Campus Electronic Security Preparation for an Active Shooter Scenario

The FBI has released a 12-page document regarding the 27 shootings it has chosen to designate as active shooter incidents that took place during the year 2018. These incidents resulted in 213 casualties, and 9 of the incidents ended with the suspect and law enforcement agents exchanging gunfire.  81 of the 213 casualties occurred in […]

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security systems for school safety and lockdowns

Surveillance and Security System Features to Consider for School Safety and Lockdowns

Schools are increasingly experiencing safety threats and the need for lockdowns. How can you be prepared for everything from a false alarm to an active shooter? We’re going to provide some of the most important suggestions to get your facility ready for the worst-case scenario.  Restricting Access to Unauthorized Visitors  Access control plays one of […]

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Top 3 Ways for Businesses to Utilize Security Video Monitoring Services

Having video surveillance for your company can provide many benefits, including giving both business owners and employees peace of mind. Leveraging the benefits of video monitoring—including video analytics—for your office or warehouse can help you in more ways than one. Here are the top three ways these surveillance solutions can help you reach your goals […]

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The Benefits of Networked Video and Audio Systems

Video surveillance is now a mainstay of the security industry for use in businesses as well as in schools and other public facilities. However, the idea of network video and audio systems is becoming more readily available, and the benefits when it comes to business efficiency and disaster or emergency preparedness are easily notable. Here […]

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