Fire & Smoke Detection

Intelligent Surveillance Video Analytic Flame and Smoke Detection

Too often, smoke and fire detection systems sense fires too late. Traditional systems need to wait for the fire to reach an unsafe level before smoke is detected and the alarm is triggered. By then, safety has been threatened and damage has been done.

But what if you could identify and be notified of smoke or fire before it had a chance to become a serious threat?

Video monitoring and intelligent flame and smoke video analytic detection work together from Surveillance Secure to provide your home or business with the most cutting-edge technology to quickly and reliably identify smoke or a fire before it’s too late.

Avoid False Alarms

Many traditional smoke detection systems find that false alarms are triggered when the environment is less than ideal, and many places of business deal with dust and dirt that come with manufacturing or storage.

If you’re tired of dealing with false alarms from your old smoke detector system, intelligent detection of smoke and fire through surveillance video can stop false alarms and enhance your site’s protection by providing a faster reaction time.

With intelligent flame and smoke detection, false alarms are a thing of the past. Video analytics allow you to actually see whether or not smoke is present rather than just dust triggering the smoke alarm. Your new smoke detection system is made to be accurate and reliable through video recognition.

React in Real Time

In a fire, seconds matter.

When you’re able to accurately identify smoke or a fire through intelligent video, you can react in real time rather than just waiting for the smoke to trigger an alarm to know if there’s a legitimate threat. Reacting in real time means faster response time by the local authorities, and your employees or family members can get to safety quicker.

Even if it’s just smoke that’s detected, you’ll be able to quickly identify the source and determine if there is a real threat and react accordingly. Don’t wait for the traditional alarm to be triggered—increase your response time with intelligent flame and smoke detection from Surveillance Secure.

Be Proactive and Save Time and Money

Video monitoring and video heat, smoke, and fire detection enable your home or business to have proactive solutions that save you time and money. In the event of a fire, video analytics and intelligent detection save lives.

Traditional smoke alarms are often falsely triggered or fail to work properly unless maintained as specified. When you want to see exactly what’s going on, trust the experts at Surveillance Secure to help with intelligent video analytics to keep everyone in your home or place of business safe.

Saving time, money, and lives with fire and smoke video detection is easy and affordable. Discover more about how Surveillance Secure can help keep your establishment safe in the event of smoke detection or a fire with intelligent video analytics and fire and smoke detection: 877-388-1248.

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