Gunshot Detection

Gunshot Detection with Video Analytics Shortens Response Time When Every Second Counts

Security Video Analytics for Real-Time Active Shooter/Gun Shot Detection System

Gunshots present an active and present danger that requires an alert and quick response. Gunshot detection analytics recognizes gunshots from a diverse type of firearms, including handguns, shotguns, rifles and automatic rifles. Clients need to be able to actively monitor and be alerted to locations where public, students or staff can be potentially exposed to dangerous active shooter events.

Upon detection of a gunshot, the analytic software accurately identifies and triggers an immediate notification to your security personnel, shortening response time and enabling your security team or the police to better assess the threat at hand.

Features include:

  • Ability of instant playback of gunshot for verification
  • Assessment and incident management from remote, safe location
  • Pre-programmed automated alerts to security staff or public safety officials
  • Adjustable event triggering sensitivity for various environments

Surveillance Secure Can Integrate Gunshot Detection System Software into Your Existing Security Video System

Our team can integrate the gunshot detection solution with existing infrastructure like security camera systems and Video Management Systems. We can provide a standalone surveillance system or integrate analytics into your existing security system to enhance your parking lot or community’s safety and access control.

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