Solar Powered

Don’t have a nearby power source? No network? No problem. Our cameras can function on solar power or battery power backed up by solar power and a remote Internet connection.

We specialize in cameras that are designed to work in manufacturing environments, extreme temperatures, or those locations that truly are in the middle of nowhere—and all are ready to work for you at Surveillance Secure.

Surveillance Secure offers clients turn-key solar powered security camera system solutions.

Wireless solar powered cameras surveillance cameras can transmit wireless video up to 20 miles, and can address the problem of not having a reliable infrastructure or local source of electrical power. Customers with remote or hard to access facilities, assets or locations, such as oil and gas pipelines, bridges, border areas and rural properties, can now be offered an effective, economical solution for protecting those assets. The wireless solar powered surveillance system solutions offered by Surveillance Secure make it easy to set up a wireless connection, and minimizes concerns about locating a traditional power source.

These solar powered surveillance solutions are ideal for large property security or remote location use, including construction sites, parking lots, manufacturing facilities, wildlife, solar farms, agricultural sites and more.

Surveillance Secure installs solar-powered camera systems throughout the United States, including via our Surveillance Secure locations in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Arizona.

To discuss our solar powered surveillance video system solutions, call 1.877.388.1248 or email us today.

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