Gates & Turnstiles

Commercial, Residential Community and Industrial Gate & Barrier Systems

Commercial Gate Systems

Our commercial technicians and Surveillance Secure specialize in the installation, repair and service of automatic gates, electric & motorized gates as well as video and telephone intercom systems.

We design and build entrance and exit gate systems for all types of commercial, industrial and residential complex settings. Our team will take a consultative approach to understand your facility security needs, and then will design and install a commercial gate system that ensures a safe and secure facility.

Turnstile Entry Systems

Turnstile entry systems are designed to meet the demanding security and access control requirements of our clients, and can be integrated with most access control systems, including keycard, KEY FOB and biometric systems.

Turnstile systems can be integrated with most access control systems, and can be configured to work in conjunction with other security technology that our business customers may already have in place at their facilities, including surveillance camera and visitor management systems. By facilitating this integration, Surveillance Secure turnstile systems allow our clients to collect valuable data, such as individual identities, their physical location and time of entry, as well as any attempts by individuals to tailgate.

Mechanical Turnstile Entry Systems

Commercial Turnstile Entry Systems Maryland

Mechanical turnstile entry systems consist of 3 rotating arms, often utilized to manage physical access for large crowds of heavy traffic, entering or exiting a facility or venue.

Mechanical turnstiles are built for dependable and long-lasting performance while being dependable and reliable for handling large volume situations. By delivering reliable access, this minimizes the need for clients to have security personnel monitor the system. Systems can utilize ID readers, as well as options for contactless and biometric systems, and can be customized with a variety of housings and finishes.

Bluetooth Verification Turnstile Entry Systems

Bluetooth Turnstile Systems Maryland Virginia

Providing added convenience without impacting security, turnstile systems can integrate with access control systems that utilize Bluetooth enabled devices for verification. When a proper Bluetooth credential is presented by a visitor, the turnstile barriers will automatically open, allowing passage. Once the user passes through the lane, the barriers automatically close, preventing tailgating.

Bluetooth turnstile entry technology allows the system to verify entry credentials with contactless operation. Along with facilitating a touchless entry process, customers have the capability to implement strict maximum occupancy limits throughout or for select entrances or areas.

Biometric Verification Turnstile Entry Systems

Biometric Verification Turnstile Entry Systems MD VA DC

Clients who are looking for turnstile systems that minimize touchpoints and want verification methods that can’t be shared or given to other people, can consider turnstile systems that utilize biometric access control.

Facial recognition, fingerprint and retina scans are some of the biometric verification options. Business customers are increasingly looking at broader use of non-badge related credentials for their turnstile systems, and Biometric verification can be well suited for those requirements.

And most importantly in our post COVID world, no-touch turnstiles mean a reduced chance of virus transmission.

Automatic Vehicle Barriers

Automotive Barrier Systems MD VA DC

Surveillance Secure can install automatic vehicle barriers that can meet individual security requirements, with access control system integration capabilities. These systems can include audio and video intercoms, touch keypads, proximity card readers, and license plate recognition.

Our traffic barrier systems can be designed specifically for individual client requirements, including for parking garage barriers and industrial security barriers. Surveillance Secure supplies and installs a wide range of barriers to provide access control for your facility, taking into consideration the number of passages expected, the size of vehicles and the level of security demanded.

Surveillance Secure provides commercial-grade physical access systems, including gates, turnstile and vehicle barrier systems that are effective and proven components of an effective physical security plan. The commercial security professionals at Surveillance Secure will install systems that mitigate tailgating attempts by individuals and vehicles, ensure efficient traffic flow and can be integrated with new or existing access control systems.

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