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Surveillance Secure’s Professional Customer Support and Service Plans

A security company is only as good as the ongoing support and service you receive. That’s why you need to partner with Surveillance Secure. We’re here to maximize the uptime of your system and respond to problems quickly to keep your business safe and protected for years to come.

Prominent Features of Our Monthly Service Plans

When you have your surveillance and access control systems designed and installed by Surveillance Secure, you also get a monthly service plan that keeps the system functioning optimally. Here are some of the ways we keep you from ever having to waste time thinking about security again:

  • Monthly system checkup – Rather than waiting until a camera goes bad, we do a health checkup every month. If there are signs that a camera is on its way out, we either repair it or replace it. This prevents unwanted surprises that can leave a gap in your security measures.
  • Firmware upgrades – One of the most important features of our service plan is that we automatically perform all of the firmware upgrades that come through from the manufacturer. If they notice a flaw that could potentially be exploited, it gets corrected. But if your security team installs the camera and you never see them again, it’s up to you to find out about firmware updates and install them. Otherwise, you’re unprotected. Surveillance Secure never lets that happen to our clients. During your monthly checkup, your system gets any updates that were released since our last visit.
  • Rapid service calls – Our in-house techs can work to remotely  If something breaks, we get a service tech to you within 24 hours. This minimizes downtime, so you stay protected.
  • Free camera replacement – You service contract includes replacement of any security cameras that fail. So even if we don’t catch it during a routine checkup, you still get a free replacement when the tech makes a service call.

Partner with Surveillance Secure for Professional Customer Support and Monthly Service Commercial Security System Customer ServicePlans

If you are ready to work with a reliable and proven security partner to meet your commercial surveillance and access control system needs, contact Surveillance Secure at 877-388-1248. Our security experts are ready to provide the professional customer support and monthly service plans that meet your company’s unique security requirements.

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