Vehicle Security

Secure & Monitor Your Commercial Fleet with GPS Tracking, Analytics, and Event-Triggered Notifications

Whether you are tracking a single vehicle or an entire fleet, Surveillance Secure has the GPS tracking and vehicle video systems to provide security and enhance efficiency. Business owners get complete transparency and can manage drivers and vehicles more effectively.

What Can GPS Tracking Do For Your Commercial Vehicle Fleet?

To successfully manage your fleet, you need real-time updates of where your drivers are and how they are operating the vehicles.

  • Increase Operating Safety and Responsibility of Your Drivers – Our system provides clients with a complete record of vehicle activities, idle time and speed, enabling you to learn more about your drivers driving patterns and habits.
  • Prevent Unauthorized Vehicle Use – Clients get alerts when vehicles are used after designated hours and on weekends or holidays, or if they travel outside a predetermined radius.
  • Validates Service Calls – With vehicle history reports you can quickly determine when your vehicle arrived on-site and how long it was at a specific service call, giving you the information to share with your customers, helping to eliminate any misperceptions and speculation.
  • Manage Fuel Costs – The GPS tracking system creates a digital log of time, speed and route used by each vehicle in your fleet, helping you to accurately calculate your fuel costs, and identify areas for cost savings.

Vehicle Video Systems – Always On

Our onboard vehicle video systems allow you to see what is going on inside and outside your vehicles at all times. Video monitoring protects your company and your driver should an accident occur by providing accurate information for the authorities regarding who was at fault. Interior monitoring allows you to observe driver habits. A distracted driver can hurt himself or others and may drive in a manner that damages cargo. There are even nighttime cameras for the late shift vehicles.

Protect Your Assets and Hold Your Drivers Accountable

From the life of your employees to the vehicles they drive, you want to protect all of your assets. You also are running a business, so you need to see if drivers are engaged in dangerous behavior such as texting and driving or falling asleep at the wheel. Video monitoring, GPS tracking, and analytics offer you the ability to manage your fleet and drivers in a safe and efficient manner. Decrease delivery times, reduce accidents, avoid traffic in real-time – fleet GPS tracking and video monitoring help you do it all.

Partner with Surveillance Secure for GPS Tracking and Vehicle Video Systems to Enhance Security and Productivity

If you are ready to work with a reliable and proven security partner to meet your commercial GPS tracking and vehicle video surveillance needs, contact Surveillance Secure at 877-388-1248. Our security experts are ready to provide the solutions to meet your company’s unique vehicle security requirements.

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