universitySurveillance Secure works closely with educational institution clients, including Pre-School, K-12, Community Colleges and Universities, to address the increasing demand for School Surveillance Cameras in order to enhance security and the well being of students, faculty, administrators and for the school facility and infrastructure. School and law enforcement officials assert that surveillance cameras curb crime and are important sources of physical evidence when crimes do occur. Our experts can design and install a network of surveillance cameras to monitor your campus grounds and school buildings.

Many schools nationwide are currently using or installing video security camera surveillance cameras, and Surveillance Secure can propose camera systems that are tailored to school budgets and provide the flexibility and online access that school administrators and campus security professionals require.

Contact us today to discuss your surveillance camera, access control and CCTV system needs. Be sure to also enquire about our new service offerings including recognition and object tracking software, remote video storage backup, IP surveillance video and access control systems and our professional service plans.

On the benefits of video surveillance in schools:

“Video surveillance cameras installed in his school a year ago appeared to be the single most effective device in deterring computer theft by amateurs.”
– High school principal

Excerpts from US Department of Justice report on video surveillance in schools:

“The peace of mind of both students and faculty at a school can often be quickly enhanced by the installation of video cameras as part of a closed circuit television (CCTV) system. This change of attitude may result in even further-reaching effects on a campus than would be expected by the use of cameras alone.

…To the school’s security personnel who must handle day-to-day security issues, the best thing about cameras is the deterrence factor they introduce to outsiders who do not belong on campus and to students and employees who do.

…the solid documentation that a video recording provides can be invaluable in situations involving liability claims. Although it is possible that this may occasionally work against a school, most schools welcome this concrete evidence so that testimony regarding an incident does not consist solely of hearsay.”