Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control Systems for Modern Security System Integration

Bioterics provide a tailored access control system with added security and a ‘touchless’ solution.

Simplify your access control system by eliminating the need for keycards or key fobs. Biometric access control systems use modern technology to check fingerprints and even perform facial recognition or iris scans. These are the security measures that are now readily available and affordable for installations of all sizes and needs.

Regulate Clearance Levels for Individuals

Once the access control system makes a one-to-one match from the system’s database, it authenticates whether the individual has access to the door where the scan was made. You can regulate clearance levels to give a person access to all restricted areas in the building (or multiple buildings) or to just one room.

The Highest Level of Access Control Security

For the most sensitive access control systems, you can employ two-factor authentication using the strongest biometrics. This means scanning both fingerprints and the person’s iris before providing access. The system can also be reconfigured to accept either one of the two biometrics, so you can increase or decrease security based on the present circumstances (such as requiring both biometrics when terrorism threat levels are increased).

Facial Recognition Biometric Access Control

Our advanced face recognition access control terminals providing clients with ‘touchless’ access control, along with speed, accuracy and a high level of security.

Biometric Access Control Systems from the Access Control Experts at Surveillance Secure

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