Character Recognition

Character Code Recognition to Accurately Identify Cargo Containers

Identifying characters and codes on containers while they are on trucks and cranes can play a key role in making sure that your transport operations run smoothly and the right containers are shipped to the correct locations. Advanced proprietary image processing software is used for accuracy and quality assurance.

Transportation Optimization with Character and Code Recognition Software

Character and code recognition can streamline operations, enhance security, and improve accuracy. Here are some of the functions of integrating this format of video analytics to your surveillance system.

  • Extremely fast and accurate OCR – Shipping container ISO code is automatically read and recorded
  • Front, back, side, and top number recognition for all container types
  • Local, automated selection of image frame to improve recognition capabilities
  • Completely automated operational capability via alarm on recognition or pre-programmed pass/alarm lists
  • Offers verification against cargo manifests
  • Access permissions, restrictions, and rights & privileges of individuals in protected areas
  • Formation of a database with tagged data including date & time, container number, and the associated surveillance recording
  • Advanced event/response management including time schedule engine, adjustable thresholds, and alarm capacities
  • Helps prevent loss, misplacement, or theft

Surveillance Secure Can Integrate Character and Code Recognition into Your Security Camera System

If you need character and code recognition for your shipping or transport facility, contact Surveillance Secure today at 1.877.388.1248. We can provide a standalone surveillance system or integrate character and code recognition analytics into your existing security system to enhance your facility’s security and operations.

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