Discretely secure perimeters with our latest technology that allows for fewer false alarms.

Security technology that “sees” through walls

blue-87354_640Protecting valuable assets means keeping security threats far from them. Surveillance Secure can enable clients to secure perimeters through more accurate and discreet applications using the latest technology.

Our perimeter control technology offerings will effectively protect even the most critical environments by sounding a perimeter alert before an intruder has an opportunity to enter into a sensitive area. The technology delivers the necessary data to make fast and appropriate decisions on intrusion threats. Seeing through barriers like walls, roadbeds, sidewalks and ceilings, the systems can pinpoint motion velocity and distance, and the mass of the intruder. Impervious to weather, ambient lighting and other disruptors like falling landscape debris, the system allows for fewer false alarms, all the time remaining invisible to the naked eye, creating a tamper-resistant solution.

Our solutions use ultra wideband (UWB) technology to provide the most intelligent data and accuracy in intrusion and perimeter protection.


  • power-station-643539_640Senses movement through barriers like walls, roadbeds, sidewalks and ceilings
  • Pinpoints motion velocity and distance, and intruder mass
  • Impervious to weather, ambient lighting and other disruptors like falling landscape debris
  • Can be installed under walkways, roadbeds, building side walls or above ceilings
  • Invisible to the naked eye creating a tamper-resistant solution
  • Rugged, waterproof and comes with a two year warranty for repairs and replacements Intelligent, accurate and concealed, targeting high-value asset protection.
  • High Security Perimeter Detection
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Defense Contractors
  • Federal and State Office Buildingsautos-214033_640
  • Transportation Centers
  • Historical Sites
  • Museums
  • Commercial
  • Perimeter Detection
  • New Vehicle Storage Lots
  • High-Value Content Warehouses
  • Financial Institutions
  • Airport Parking Lots
  • Remote Facility Alarm Detection
  • Telephone Substations
  • Cellular Towers
  • Pipeline Pumping Stations
  • Seasonal Facilities

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