Surveillance Secure offers a range of customized security, remote monitoring and surveillance camera offerings with the homeowner in mind.


If you are having current problems like vandalism, trespassing, theft or property damage, or need the capability to monitor infants, nannies, home

contractors or elderly family members, we offer a full range of indoor and outdoor, wired and wireless as well as visible and covert camera solutions for your residence. We offer home surveillance cameras for both inside and outside the home, with night vision and motion detection capability.

While originally developed to provide security for businesses, today’s video surveillance systems are now cost-effective and simple enough to be used at home. Ordinary citizens now can have professional grade surveillance cameras monitor their surroundings, homes, family, etc.

Now that this powerful technology is within the reach of the average consumer, our team at Surveillance Secure can show you how to make these cameras an effective part of any home security system.

  • Baby/Child Monitoring
  • Looking in on Nanny/Baby Sitter
  • Monitoring Backyard Pool
  • Keeping Watch Over a Bedridden Loved One
  • Observing Unsupervised Repairmen
  • Catching Vandals Destroying Property
  • Keeping an Eye on Pets


Contact us today to discuss your surveillance camera, access control and CCTV system needs. Be sure to also enquire about our new service offerings including recognition and object tracking software, remote video storage backup, IP surveillance video and access control systems and our professional service plans.