Apartment Building System Upgrade

Many older apartment buildings don’t have the ability for access control and are merely key-based entry systems. These apartment buildings hugely benefit from adding better security protection in addition to monitoring capabilities.

Installing a fob-based access system can help. It’s typically a significant cost to replace lost keys, not to mention the time taken to replace keys and the security issue of whether or not the key was actually lost. With key fobs, this is no longer an issue. For every key fob that’s lost, it can simply be deactivated and replaced nearly in real time.

For an apartment building in Maryland, Surveillance Secure was able to upgrade their entry system to a fob-based system. We also installed cameras that provide video verification of entry. A date and time stamp assigned to each building entry and that particular key fob will have an image of the user and the person entering the building.

Now, management can easily access and manage the new system via the online cloud service provided by Surveillance Secure. This same building maintenance company actually manages over 10 buildings throughout the region, so to be able to centrally manage all the key fobs is hugely convenient.

Keeping apartment buildings secure doesn’t need to be a challenge. Through updating your surveillance system and installing access control with key fobs, you can better manage who enters the building and keep your property and your tenants safe.

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