Are Solar Powered Security Cameras Right for My Business Needs?

Solar powered Surveillance System to monitor city traffic

Solar powered surveillance cameras have a range of benefits. They don’t need a reliable power source to record and transmit video, making them ideal for remote locations. They’re also simpler to install and can support surveillance needs for a single location or several buildings. 

But are solar powered security cameras right for your business needs? Like any other surveillance system, these cameras have considerations to keep in mind for your particular application. Here’s how you can get started determining if solar powered technology is right for your surveillance needs!

Lower Maintenance Costs, But Location Matters

Solar powered cameras don’t contribute to electricity bills and provide cost-effective benefits and flexibility for the right applications [1]. They’re also self-sustainable, requiring minimal maintenance and eliminating expensive cable runs to reliably operate.

However, depending on where your business is located, you may need more solar panels, which will impact the cost of your system setup. For example, solar powered surveillance will cost more in Seattle, where the majority of days are cloudy, as opposed to Phoenix, where the majority of days are sunny.

Your business’ location matters in regard to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your solar powered cameras!

Consider Installation Efforts and Distance

Since solar powered systems don’t require cables and power to operate, they’re excellent choices for remote job sites, or areas where it would otherwise be difficult to install cabling and secure a reliable power source. These cameras can be used in residential buildings as well as remote and mobile offices for effective surveillance [2].

Video storage will need to be done locally with a local SD card in the camera or a local DVR system. It’s possible to install a long-distance point-to-point wireless transmission system for recorded video, but it would require even more solar generated power. These are all considerations to take into account when considering solar for your surveillance cameras!

Remember Solar Solutions Aren’t Ideal for All Applications

Solar powered cameras have a backup battery and work even during power outages, making them a reliable surveillance solution for a variety of businesses. However, due to lighting requirements, solar powered cameras won’t be an ideal solution for every application.

For example, businesses that have surveillance areas that are exclusively located in the shade aren’t ideal for solar powered cameras. If your building or job site is located in a consistently dark and cloudy area, you can still have solar powered cameras, but they’ll charge at a slower rate. Also, remember that you may need more solar panels to net the required amount of power for these darker areas.

In areas where lighting is a concern, solar powered cameras may be better as a backup surveillance solution than your primary option. An initial assessment with experienced security professionals can help you determine if solar powered surveillance is a good option for your business’ location [3].

Considering Solar Powered Cameras? Find Out More!

For businesses across all industries, solar powered cameras are convenient, affordable, and provide flexible surveillance solutions. While they may not be the best initial choice for every company, they can often be dependable secondary sources of surveillance. 

Find out if solar powered security cameras are the right choice for your business needs by scheduling a consultation with us at Surveillance Secure. Our security experts can assess your location and surveillance needs to determine if solar is your best choice. Call us today at (877) 388-1248!



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