Augmenting Surveillance Cameras to Address Electric Vehicle Charging Station Damage

The Surveillance Secure team worked with an existing client to augment their surveillance in their parking area. The client had installed electric charging stations for electric vehicles; however, several drivers had damaged the stations by driving away with the charger still plugged into their car.

Although the client had surveillance cameras, none were monitoring the charging stations. As a result, Surveillance Secure added several cameras, which worked with the existing security system the team had previously installed. The new cameras covered the charging stations and allowed the client to have a clear view and capture of the license plate of each car that pulled in at the station with license plate recognition analytics.

The new cameras are able to get clear shots of the vehicles and license plates regardless of lighting conditions, so the client has reliable surveillance day and night. Surveillance Secure also added signage stating that the area was under surveillance to further deter vandalism and damage.

Now, the client can effectively monitor the charging station area, and the system notifies them in real-time if an incident occurs. The system also emails the client a video clip of the incident, complete with license plate capture, should a driver pull away with the charger still attached. The client can also access the cameras remotely online to see video in real-time or review an incident.

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